Young and Wild

The Young and Wild is a photographic publication capturing the beauty, charm and appeal of young wildlife in their natural environment, depicting their freedom and relationships within their own groups of species as well as their survival strategies relating to the rigours of their every day existence in the wild.

It is a vivid visual presentation ranging from the plight of helpless new born animals that need to immediately adapt to the threats and perils in their dangerous environment to energetic and inquisitive young sub-adults, developing their natural instincts, building their strength and honing their skills as they approach adolescence and independence. It celebrates that special universal relationship of a mother, using all her guile and creativity to shield and protect her curious offspring from the constant risk of predators preying on young animals and birds.

The publication covers a wide array of different animal species, providing a rich tapestry of images and facts relating to the animals’ and birds’ special relationships with their mothers and parents, as well as featuring their unique signature characteristics, behaviours and habitats. The focus of this publication, containing a selection of children’s colourful, wildlife drawings, is aimed at all the many wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers who love escaping to the bush, but primarily at the younger set and the young at heart – all of us that love the fascination and innocence of the young and wild.

Young and Wild has been pitched at all ages and is a fun and informative publication which should be shared and enjoyed by the whole family. Hopefully this photographic publication will be appreciated not only for the images of wildlife captured at locations across southern and eastern Africa, but stimulate interest and discussion between children and their parents in the many serious challenges and issues relating to wildlife and nature conservation. One needs to confront the brutal reality associated with the young and wild – their fight for survival in these vast conservation wilderness areas, the environmental challenges such as population encroachment and the horrors and implications of the escalation of poaching.

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