The Road Less Travelled

New Release: March 2019

The Road Less Travelled is an armchair opportunity to explore the globe through the lens of wildlife and travel photographer John Gatherer and his wife Anne, who have travelled extensively since his retirement from the corporate world.

John’s unique capacity to reflect a story in a collection of pictures is truly remarkable. A tapestry of photographs woven together by John’s love of story-telling takes you on a journey to experience landscapes, wildlife, fauna, flora, people and their cultures that the ordinary person will not ever experience.

This book captures a feast of pictures that will delight and entertain, covering 12 destinations that will make you envious and itchy to travel.

The Road Less Travelled journeys into the Arctic and Antarctic regions – polar bears and icebergs – and features information that is captivating, including John’s personal experience of enduring a brutal storm in South Georgia that raged for two days.

The isolation and remoteness of the Galapagos Archipelago makes it challenging to visit, but yet again John’s personal travel insights interspersed with fascinating facts entertain the reader, while the beautiful photography makes the destination instantly desirable.

One of the world’s most unexplored regions – the Peruvian section of the Amazon River – was for John a unique wilderness experience, and includes a riveting wildlife encounter when an anaconda was pulled out of clustered driftwood in a river bend. The heart of the Amazon – the people, the sounds and the colours are beautifully captured.

Experience the thrill of thousands of migrating galloping wildebeest in the Serengeti… to a rare sighting of about 30 wild horses in the Namib Desert… to the majestic herds of elephant in the Chobe National Park. The photography is compelling, with images that span the beauty of New Zealand to the incredible island paradise of the Maldives.

Travelling through these exotic and less travelled destinations included train trips, boat trips and even walking trails which are a guaranteed way to experience the true essence of the familiar sights of Italy. The congested yet colourful streets and people of India are a delight, however, the sighting of the endangered Bengal Tiger is a highlight in the book. The history and beauty of Russia is fascinating. An authentic sailing adventure on the Med… the list is endless and awe-inspiring.

Once in a lifetime experiences. Sunrises and sunsets across the globe. John Gatherer’s extensive knowledge, patience and obvious respect for and love of the wilderness are captured on almost every page. This timeless coffee table photographic book will tease and tempt you, and leave you longing for more, with a deep desire to leave the armchair and hop on the next plane out of here.

Doody Adams
Group Editor: Famous Publishing

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