John Gatherer - The Photographer

The Photographer

John Gatherer is a South African-based photographer with an incredible drive for adventure and travel, constantly seeking unusual destinations and getaway places to discover the mysteries and beauty of our fragile planet. John’s passion in photography has evolved over the last ten years with his special interest and focus centred on wildlife conservation and adventure travel. He is at his happiest when he is far from the madding crowds, exploring spectacular wilderness regions and interesting travel locations, continuously searching for unique photographic opportunities, dramatic situations and unforgettable moments. From his drive and interest, he is able to capture, document and share his travel experiences of new surroundings, intriguing wildlife images and fascinating wilderness vistas with family, friends, and interested enthusiasts.

The Books

We are where we have been: Journeys to the world’s wild places

“Co-authored by Leigh Mann and myself, it is a celebration of our mutual passion for photography and an opportunity to share a diverse collection of journeys that we have undertaken to extraordinarily beautiful and fascinating wild places.

This book covers eighteen different regions across the world, where we explore the natural world, wildlife conservation, mountain climbing and trails.”

We are where we have been