Photography is one of my major loves in life. My thinking and expression has always been framed through visual imagery and photography has provided me with a natural outlet to explore and enrich life’s experiences through the lens and capture great images, perspectives and memories.

My other passion is travel which my wife, Anne, and I often share with family and friends. Photography creates a medium through which the beauty of different locations in the world, fascinating new experiences, interesting people and the spectacle of the wild can be graphically recorded forever!

I enjoy sharing with others the images and perspectives captured through my experiences and adventures. My photographic books and website postings and blogs are a product of my own journeys of discovery – the continuous search for unique photographic opportunities, dramatic situations and unforgettable moments and vistas.

I am proud to have recently completed the fifth book of my coffee table book collection, called “Beyond the Ordinary.”  Please read more about them in the book section.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my galleries of photographs or blog posts. If you have any questions, please contact me at

John Gatherer